AEJMC accepts extended abstracts for 2020 conference

In light of the extraordinary and historic disruptions to the lives of faculty members and graduate students as a result of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, AEJMC will accept extended abstracts as well as full papers in all divisions and interest groups for the 2020 conference.

The extended abstract format is suitable for authors who are sufficiently along in the research process to address the content elements described below, but have not had sufficient time to prepare the full paper. The extended abstracts must be at least 750 words long but no more than 1,500 words. Extended abstracts must include a reference list and a 75-word summary of the abstract. (The reference list and summary are not included in the word count). Extended abstracts may be submitted to only one division or interest group. Extended abstracts must be uploaded as a single file to the AEJMC All-Academic site by the existing conference deadline of 11:59 p.m. CDT April 9, 2020. Authors whose extended abstracts are selected for presentation at the conference must still submit their full paper, with all identifying author information, to the All-Academic site by 11:59 p.m. CDT, July 15, 2020.

To preserve the value of fully developed research papers, long a hallmark of the AEJMC conference, extended abstracts will not be eligible for division, interest group, or conference-wide awards. Divisions and interest groups can program extended abstracts as they see fit in regular paper sessions, high density sessions, or poster sessions, and will specify allotted presentation time as appropriate. Extended abstract submissions will be designated as such in the conference program. Finally, this new format is not one intended for future AEJMC conferences.

Content and Formatting Guidelines

1) As noted above, length of extended abstracts must be at least 750 words but no more than 1,500 words. A 75-word (max.) summary of the abstract should precede the abstract itself. References and summary are excluded from the word count.

2) Extended abstracts should contain all of the same content sections/elements that would normally be used in the division or interest group’s paper submissions, including the study’s purpose, literature review, research questions and/or hypotheses, method, findings and discussion/conclusion. The main difference, however, is the length of this submission format.

3) For authors considering the extended abstract option, data collection and analysis must be at least 75% complete in order to meaningfully report tentative findings and conclusions. Authors should clearly report in the Method and Findings sections how far along the data collection and analysis phases are, respectively, and explain what steps remain and the anticipated value/contribution of these steps, so that reviewers can assess the foundations on which conclusions are based. Extended abstracts will be reviewed and scored using the same evaluation rubrics as currently used for full papers, but will be evaluated as to how well each of the criteria are achieved given the relative length of an extended abstract.

4) When submitting in this format, authors must include the words “Extended Abstract” at the start of their paper title (e.g., “Extended Abstract: [Your paper title]”). Authors should clearly indicate the same on the title page of their submission. Submissions that are not appropriately labeled may be rejected.

5) When creating the file for upload, please insert the 75-word summary of the abstract at the beginning of the extended abstract, so that this is what readers and reviewers see first.

6) As with full paper submissions, please ensure all identifying author information has been removed for extended abstract submissions and that title pages do not contain author information. Please reference the AEJMC Uniform Paper Call for information about how to ensure this information is removed in order to ensure a blind review.

7) Other than the extended abstract format (including length differences) and ineligibility for award competitions, all other AEJMC Uniform Paper Guidelines apply. Please review these at

For questions please contact Katie Foss, Council of Divisions Head or Jan Boyles, Council of Divisions Vice Head.

Thank you.


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