Call for Panels for AEJMC 2020 in San Francisco

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The Participatory Journalism Interest Group (PJIG) is now accepting panel proposals for the 2020 Convention in San Francisco, USA. August 6-9.

Deadline to submit Tuesday, September 25, 2019.

Panel Proposal Types: PJIG is accepting teaching, professional freedom and responsibility (PF&R), or research panel proposals. Please review guidelines for each type of proposal carefully and use the provided sample panel proposal to complete your submission. ​

Teaching panels: To discuss teaching ideas, challenges, innovations, technologies, etc. that are relevant to feminist teaching and/or considerations of gender in/out of the classroom.

  • Teaching panels must address:

One of the following FOUR general areas identified by the AEJMC Standing Committee on Teaching Standards:

  1. Curriculum development including the philosophy, design, and examination of issues, developments, and trends in journalism or global communication.
  2. Leadership issues, especially the administrative and organizational efforts formulated to address the changes in the field of journalism and mass communication.
  3. Course Content and Methods showcasing innovative teaching techniques and strategies.
  4. Assessment reports highlighting diverse range of activities measuring the effectiveness of journalism education.

Professional Freedom and Responsibility panels should focus on one or more of the following areas: freedom of expression; ethics; media criticism & accountability; racial, gender and cultural inclusiveness; or public service.

Research panels should focus on original, innovative and trending research by a panel of experts on a topic related to international communication. PJIG welcomes research panel submissions on all topics related to national and international communication, but PJIG will give special consideration to proposed research panels that focus on the core interest of the group. 

You should submit your proposal to only one division, and we invite you to submit it to the PJIG. Considering that there are a limited number of conference slots available for our division, priority will be given to proposals that are relevant to the mission of PJIG. This includes proposals with institutional, regional, gender, and methodology diversity, which have confirmed co-sponsor(s) and adhere to submission guidelines. 

Send research panel proposals to:

Paromita Pain ( & Magda Konieczna (

Proposal Format:

All proposals should be one-page in length (single-spaced) and include the following:

  1. Panel title: Be creative and broad with your title – keep in mind current trending issues and the potential for attracting co-sponsors.
  2. Panel type: A statement of whether the panel would be a Teaching, Research or Professional Freedom and Responsibility panel.
  3. Panel Description: Describe clearly in one paragraph the key issues or subject matter to be addressed by the panelists.
  4. Rationale for the Panel: Describe briefly why the panel’s topic is important.
  5. Panel Sponsorship: Suggestions for divisions or interest groups that might be interested in co-sponsoring the panel. Please indicate whether you have been in touch with the potential co-sponsoring division, interest group, or commission. Panels including co-sponsoring divisions/interest groups/commissions have a better chance of being accepted, because they are likely to be of wider interest at the conference and give the division a chance to take part in more sessions.
  6. Possible Panelists [about 3]: Names of proposed panelists, affiliation, demographic data (race, gender, ethnicity) and contact information for each (please indicate whether they have committed to participate). AEJMC tracks diversity among panelists, moderators and discussants, so please keep that in mind when planning. Limited funds for travel reimbursement are available for panel participants who are not AEJMC members. The deadline for those requests is late January. Whenever possible, please try to find local panelists or AEJMC members whom you expect will be attending the convention anyway.
  7. Panel Moderator: Provide the name of the person who will moderate the panel (remember this can be you or someone you nominate).
  8. Contact Person: Provide the name, affiliation, email, and phone number for the person proposing the panel.

Thank you, and we look forward to your submissions!

Paromita Pain ( & Magda Konieczna (

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